Work-Life Balance Section

The “Work/Life Balance Committee” of the Detroit Bar Association aims to address and support the well-being and professional fulfillment of its members through the promotion of balanced lifestyles. Recognizing the unique pressures faced by legal professionals, this committee is dedicated to creating programs, resources, and policies that encourage a healthier equilibrium between work obligations and personal life. Fun is also always on the agenda.

Activities and initiatives spearheaded by the Work/Life Balance Committee may include workshops on time management and stress reduction, networking events focused on well-being, mentorship programs for young attorneys to learn from more experienced practitioners, and advocacy for flexible work arrangements within legal institutions. The committee also serves as a platform for members to share their experiences and strategies for maintaining balance, fostering a community of mutual support. Moreover, the Work/Life Balance Committee collaborates with other committees both within the Detroit Bar Association as well as outside of the DBA to ensure that the principles of work-life balance are integrated across various organizations.

Through its work, the Work/Life Balance Committee aims to not only improve the quality of life for legal professionals in the Detroit area but also to enhance the overall productivity and satisfaction within the legal profession. By highlighting the importance of balance and providing the tools and support to achieve it, the committee endeavors to cultivate a more sustainable and fulfilling practice of law.


Heather J. Atnip
400 Water Street, Ste 205
Rochester, MI 48307
(248) 419-2198


Mike Butler




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