Lawyers Lounge

Coleman A. Young Municipal Building
2 Woodward, Suite 1207
Detroit, MI 48226

313-285-9833 (fax)

The Lawyers Lounge is currently closed due to Covid restrictions, we will announce updates on re-opening when they become available.

The Lawyers Lounge is conveniently located in the Court Tower of the CAYMC, and its facilities and services are available to all members of the State Bar of Michigan. Detroit Bar members receive discounts on all services.

As your “office away from the office,” the Lounge provides a comfortable lounge area to wait between court appearances, plenty of workspace to remain productive, as well as a separate meeting space for client conferences.  Wireless internet access and computer terminals are available, as are copying, printing and faxing.

The Lounge is also the home of the Detroit Bar’s “File by Fax” service.  Any document intended for the Third Circuit’s Civil, Family or Probate Divisions – or the Mediation Tribunal—may be filed via File-By-Fax, so long as there is no required filing fee.  This service is free to Detroit Bar members.

For those Detroit Bar members who practice in the Third Circuit, the convenience, discounts and free File-by-Fax available at the Lounge can pay for your Detroit Bar membership dues over the course of the year.