Photo of wooden judge's gavel in the library, focus on the gavel

Dennis W. Archer Award Recipients

For over a decade, the Detroit Bar Association Foundation has presented the Dennis W. Archer Public Service Award to a member of our profession whose commitment to public service goes above and beyond the call of duty. Since 2003, this award has been reserved for the best of the best of Michigan’s legal profession—extraordinary lawyers and judges who have established careers dedicated to the betterment of both our profession and our community. The past recipients are:

2003 – Honorable Dennis W. Archer

2005 – Daniel G. Mulhern

2006 – Honorable Carl M. Levin

2007 – Honorable Damon J. Keith

2008 – Eugene Driker

2009 – Saul A. Green

2010 – Honorable Jennifer M. Granholm

2011 – Honorable Maura D. Corrigan

2012 – Honorable Victoria A. Roberts

2013 – Honorable Harold Hood

2014 – Congressman John D. Dingell, Jr.

2015 – Honorable Gerald E. Rosen | Honorable Steven W. Rhodes

2016 – Kym L. Worthy

2017 – Mayor Mike Duggan

2018 – Honorable Robert J. Colombo, Jr.

2019 – Honorable Denise Page Hood

2020 – Honorable Avern L. Cohn

2021  – Honorable Jeffrey G. Collins

2022 – Reginald M. Turner, Jr.