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Detroit Bar LawyerTube™ 


How long should the video be?

Videos should not exceed 2 minutes in length. The most effective videos are generally 2 minutes long.

What should be the subject matter of the Member video?

Members should address some or all of the following questions:
  • What are your top areas of expertise within your firm?
  • Why should a client retain you for legal assistance?
  • What are your firm’s top areas of expertise?
  • What distinguishes your firm from others within your area of expertise?
  • What have been examples of past accomplishments of your firm?
  • Why should a potential client retain your firm for legal assistance?
  • Have your or your firm provided pro bono assistance to others?
  • How have you or your firm contributed outside the field of the practice of law?

Can I address different questions in the Member video?

Yes, but the Detroit Bar reserves the right to reject any offered videos in accordance with its Portal Terms of Use provided to the Members.

Will the format of the video itself be predetermined?

No, but we encourage Members to provide videos that are in keeping with today’s social media through smartphones instead of videos prepared by professionals. Make certain your smartphone is in the horizontal position when filming for presentation of the video on computers. In any event, the Detroit Bar reserves the right to reject any offered videos in accordance with its Portal Terms of Use provided to the Members for any reason including without limitation format or style.

Should I use the teleprompter and script?

This is subject to the discretion of the Member.

When will I be able to see the completed video?

Upon receipt of a draft video from a Member, the video will be reviewed in a timely manner for acceptability or not.

Where will the videos been available and searchable to the public?

Online at a link on the Detroit Bar website When submitting your video, please indicate one or more of the following areas for its location on our website:
  1. Accident/Injury
  2. Business/Commercial
  3. Criminal
  4. Employment/Civil Rights
  5. Family/Divorce/Estates
  6. Litigation Generally
  7. Other Practice Areas

What is the cost to place a video on the Detroit Bar’s website?

The fee shall be annual fee of $175.00 for a duration of one year.

Additional Questions?

Contact Darlene Trudell at 248-408-6919 or