Join us at for this unique opportunity to celebrate the success of qualifying attorneys who are entering the legal profession.

The Detroit Bar and Third Circuit Court have partnered with the State Bar of Michigan to conduct an Admissions Ceremony in Fall 2022. The issue orders of admission will be sent to the State Bar of Michigan from the Michigan Supreme Court.

Lawyers contribute in various ways, helping clients directly and holding public offices of trust.  Admission to the bar is the culmination of years of study and the successful passing of a rigorous exam.  New Lawyers will take the oath of the profession.  The admission ceremony marks the beginning of individuals beginning the practice of law and is celebrated with friends and family as the venerated lawyers and judges welcome the new lawyers into the profession.

Newly admitted attorneys to the Bar are eligible for a one-year free Detroit Bar Association membership. Click here to join.

For more information contact Julie Van Hove at or Zenell Brown at (313) 224-2236.

For private ceremonies, those who want to be sworn in may contact Ms. Cindy Depaulis of the Wayne County Clerk’s Office at 313-224-5509 or 313-224-5510.