The Detroit Bar Association Inn of Court

The Detroit Bar Association was established in 1836 as a forum for lawyers and judges who sought to improve the administration and quality of justice in their community through education, dialogue, and community activities.  181 years later, the Detroit Bar continues to advance these goals through its Inn of Court program.

The Detroit Bar Inn of Court (IOC) is designed to promote strong relationships between attorneys in different firms and practice areas, create more frequent mentorship and training opportunities, and foster more regular and constructive contacts between the bench and the bar.  Based on the English model of legal apprenticeship, the Detroit Bar IOC program involves monthly, team-led programs over a 5-month period that address issues of law, ethics and practice.

The structure of the Detroit Bar IOC program is similar to other models.  Each team has a “Team Leader,” who is a member of the State or Federal bench.  Along with a Team Leader, each team has “Masters” who have at least 12 years (and typically more than 20 years) of practice.  A team also consists of “Barristers,” who have at least 5 years of practice, “Associates,” who are newer members of the bar, and “Law Clerks,” who are law students and non-attorney legal professionals.

Each team is assigned a program date and topic and provided with program ideas.  All team members are responsible for working with leadership and developing a program on its assigned topic.  When it is not that team’s responsibility to develop and facilitate the program for the monthly meeting, the only requirement is enthusiastic participation during the other monthly meetings.

The 2019 IOC Season

The IOC season will start with a special kickoff program on January 22, 2019 and take place in Detroit.  The meetings are February 19, March 18, April 15 and May 20. The regular monthly meetings begin with a soft start social period at 5:30 p.m., the program at 6:00 p.m. and last no more than ninety minutes.  The season ends with a party in June. The location is at Miller Canfield, 150 W. Jefferson Ave., 25th Floor, Board Room, Detroit.

Membership and participation in the Detroit Bar IOC is an exclusive benefit available only to Detroit Bar members.  Non-members must join the Detroit Bar when they join the IOC.

IOC membership dues are subject to change each program year.  The IOC dues for the 2019 program year are $75 for Masters, $50 for Barristers and Associates, and $25 for Law Clerks.  This fee covers the costs for general program administration and the kickoff and season end events.

Please note that applications must be received by January 18, 2019.  If you have any questions, please contact either of the undersigned or IOC Co-Chair Jason Conti, Bobby Murkowski or Mary Kovari

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IOC Leadership for 2019 Season

Hon. Kirsten Frank Kelly
Michigan Court of Appeals
3020 W Grand Blvd Ste 14-300
Detroit, MI 48202-6020

Jason Conti
313 234-7177

Bobby Murkowski
313 496-8423

Detroit Bar Executive Director: 
Darlene Trudell

For more information:
Mary Kovari
313 961-6120, ext. 210