Member Photo Composite

Recently two composite photographic groupings of the Detroit Bench and Bar were uncovered in storage, one from 1935 and another from 1947. That gave us an idea.

Partnering with the Third Circuit Court, your Detroit Bar Association leadership has arranged to have these historic composites mounted next to the courthouse elevator bank at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, and obtained permission for a third, 2016-2017 Detroit Bar Association Bench and Bar composite to be mounted adjacent to them.

This is the first time a Third Circuit Bench and Bar photo composite has been created in nearly 70 years and it was appearing to be a daunting task. But we found an organization, RCL Portrait Design, that specializes in these projects at no cost to your Association or to you.

This will not likely be happening again at any time in the near future so please promptly respond when you are contacted by the portrait professionals from RCI or call them today to set up an appointment. Doing so will insure that your status as a Detroit Lawyer will be forever recorded on the courthouse wall.


Portraits will be taken at the Detroit Bar Association’s Lawyers Lounge located at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Building, 2 Woodward, Suite 1207, Detroit the week of May 15. Dates may be subject to change if unforeseen circumstances arise. To schedule an appointment, you may call RCL Portrait Design directly at 800-580-5562 or you may schedule your appointment online at (choose “Schedule” from the menu on the left side of the website, then choose “Guest Account” to get to the calendar).

There is no cost for you to participate. A professional portrait photographer will photograph you in several poses. You will then be able to view your proofs immediately through an instant video system and choose your photo for the composite. You may also purchase additional portraits, but there is no obligation to do so.

If you are unable to sit for a photo but still want to be included in the composite, you may send in your own photograph and pay a $30 fee to standardize the background to match the others in the composite. For professional quality and best presentation, appropriate dress is suggested. We recommend a dark suit jacket and light-colored shirt. Only lawyers and judges photos will be included in the composite.

Thank you for being a member of the Detroit Bar and taking part in this great member benefit!