Pam Copeland

Dedicated legal professional with six years of experience
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • 10/31/2019


Currently, Pamela Copeland is the Mediation Program Manager for the Detroit Bar Association. She ensures proper flow of discovery mediations on judge referred cases for mediation and provides administrative support.  She was the administrator and lead navigator for the Wayne County Legal Self-Help Center formallythe Michigan Legal Help Self-Help Center of Wayne County. A position she held for over five years. The center’s mission is to help Michigan residents solve their legal problems. The center started out as a pilot program and Pam started out as a volunteer shortly after its inception. In just over a year after Pam actually started solely running the center, the amount of traffic to the center increased by 675%. At this point, the court knew this was a very valuable asset to the court. Pam worked diligently to provide a very calming environment for individuals going through very rough times. Most of the legal issues addressed at the center revolve around family law issues. It did her heart good to know that she was able to be there for individuals needing legal help as well as being able to provide a listening ear for many that very distraught and didn’t know where to start so far as dealing with their issues.

It is often said that Pam has the patience of Job and is able to stay very calm and steady in her interactions with litigants. Much to her surprise and delight, Pam received public recognition at the last State of the Court address and was also approached by Michigan Supreme Court Justice, Brian Zahra and was told that the State Bar of Michigan is aware of the excellent service she provided to the center and how this helps in the community.

Pam received an Associate in Business degree from Henry Ford Community College and then went on to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Legal Administration, a degree she is still determined to obtain. Her goal is to finish this degree and use that knowledge along with her years of experience to continue working in a legal field and above all, continue to help people in any way she can to solve their legal issues, which in turn, makes a difference in their everyday lives and causes a positive trickling down effect throughout the community.

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