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Tyler, founder of Mediate with Tyler LLC, offers a unique and comprehensive approach to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) through facilitative conflict mediation services in Michigan and virtually across other states. Leveraging an intersectional, restorative, and holistic perspective, Tyler provides expert mediation services tailored to complex disputes. As a PhD candidate at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Tyler specializes in studying conflicts online, delivering deep insights into the complexities of modern digital interactions.

Tyler's diverse background includes living in West Africa, Cameroon, where she served as a US Peace Corps volunteer during the Anglophone Crisis. In this role, Tyler provided health services centered on healing, community, and dialogue, witnessing firsthand the power of community-centered conflict resolution during socio-political armed conflict.

In the Bay Area, California, Tyler worked as a restorative justice facilitator with young people facing misdemeanor sentences. This experience further honed their skills in restorative practices, emphasizing accountability and reconciliation through intimate dialogue. Additionally, Tyler initiated RestorativeVR, a platform designed to integrate restorative principles into the digital world and technology sector.

Recently, Tyler completed a 40-hour general civil mediation training course with the Oakland Mediation Center of Birmingham, Michigan, as approved by the State Court Administrative Office and in compliance with MCR 2.4111. This training has given her confidence in a broader range of mediation techniques, particularly the facilitative style, in which the mediator supports direct communication, helps overcome impasses, and encourages collaborative assessments of the situation's strengths and weaknesses.

On a personal level, Tyler has grappled with her own share of internal and interpersonal struggles, which have deeply shaped her path toward conflict resolution. From navigating friendships to confronting challenges in workplaces and family dynamics, she intimately understands the weight of emotions like guilt, shame, and embarrassment that often accompany conflicts. Through her own experiences, she has felt the profound uncertainty of not knowing how to move forward, lending her a vulnerable perspective on the complexities of conflict resolution.

Tyler is dedicated to supporting individuals from all walks of life in various conflicts and disputes. She believes embracing conflicts can turn them into opportunities to build the world we truly desire—even amidst disagreements. Tyler remains committed to fostering positive outcomes with a focus on constructive dialogue and resolution.

With that saying, as a mediator, her responsibility is to maintain impartiality and concentrate on facilitating a dialogue leading to a mutually agreed-upon solution. She refrains from taking sides in any conflict or dispute, ensuring absolute neutrality.

Above all, Tyler advocates for a mediation process that fosters genuine self-expression, welcoming individuals to authentically navigate the spontaneity of their emotions within the conflict resolution journey. By embracing the full spectrum of feelings and experiences, Tyler empowers clients to engage in meaningful dialogue and find resolution while honoring their humanity.

Her services from beginning to end are confidential, and all forms and notes are held in a password-protected electronic file. Additionally, Tyler provides a holistic approach to her services, providing clients with a customized take-away packet with summaries and resources to support them after mediation.

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